Who is Johannes?

Portraits of KBH+ co-creators!
KBH + is created by different people who each make their own mark – that’s why we want to give them a shout out!
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Here is Johannes Theis who just started our 10 month Project ESC in collaboration with European Solidarity Corps
What are you going to do at KBH+?
Hopefully help bring some good energy and ideas to KBH+ in the future.
Tell us about the journey that brought you to KBH+?
I started coming to KBH+ last summer, because I was helping a friend paint one of the bathrooms. Through that I found out about Project 16, which I then joined after the summer for a 16 week period, after which I was offered a volunteer position at KBH+, via European Solidarity Corps (ESC). which I felt was the perfect place for me to start having never been on the job market in Denmark in the 9 years I’ve lived here so far.
What are you looking forward to during project ESC at KBH+?
I’m looking forward to being a part of the KBH+ family, as well as working in the cafe which we are planning on opening as soon as it is possible, and hopefully get some of my own projects off the ground, for example an exhibition in collaboration with the art collective (@angarde_cph) which I am a part of.
What is your favorite breakfast?
Coffee and cigarettes {¤”¤}
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you? why?
1 satellite phone, 1 solar panel with a usb port, 1 satellite phone usb charger.
Hopefully these items would be a means of escape.
Favorite movie?
The Holy Mountain – Alejandro Jodorwsky
Favorite book?
Xenofeminism – Helen Hester
Favorite thing to spend your weekend doing?
Getting dressed to the nines,
then dancing til the sun rises.