Who is Silvia?

Get to know people from KBH+. Today you will meet Silvia who is our know ESC-volunteer. Read more about Silvia here.


What are you going to do in KBH?

The main goal of our project is to open a social café in KBH+ for visitors to have a common place to meet and exchange interests as well as participate in activities that take place in the house. We, the volunteers of Project ESC, will make decisions about the interior design of the space and figure out how to make it run in the most effective way. We will also make sure  to give voice to the café through social media to get in touch with new people for them to be able to experience it with us.


Tell us about your journey that took you to KBH +?

I moved from Barcelona to Copenhagen in October 2020, and things have been hard since then due to the current covid situation. Being able to find a job was harder than in normal circumstances and then a friend talked to me about KBH+. I went to visit the house and I got to know all the projects and workshops that they were hosting. I feel that where I come from it’s hard to find this kind of houses for young people, so I decided that I would take the chance and be part of it.


What are you looking forward to during the Project ESC in KBH?

I’m looking forward to going beyond my comfort zone by getting to know new people, a new culture and learning new skills through workshops.


What is your favorite breakfast? 

Anything sweet would be an option, but if I had to choose one thing I could eat for a lot of days in a row, that would be crepes.


If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you? Why?

I would bring batteries that can be charged with solar energy, a music player that can be charged with the batteries because I couldn’t live without music and a picture of my family  so I don’t feel so alone.


Favorite movie?

Argo directed by Ben Affleck


Favorite book?

I am studying to be an elementary school teacher, so I really enjoy reading about education. Then I would choose Summerhill by A.S. Neill


Favorite thing to spend your weekend doing?

I love to spend time outside and enjoy the sun. Going to a nice spot with a nice view, listening to music, drinking beers and playing cards.